Grafix Cream




What is this medicine?

Grafix cream could be a non-surgical breast enlargement therapy for the dimensions and shape of breasts. Grafix cream grows breasts naturally, improves flat chest, and might be useful because of soft breast treatment. Grafix cream offers an alternate breast to take care of women seeking more beautiful and healthy breasts.

Thus Grafix cream:

  1. enhances the bust area;
  2. shape;
  3. tightens and improves tone, firmness, & contours;
  4. improves the firm feel of the supporting skin of the breast, essential for a pretty
  5. can return what time and maternity have alienated.
  6. Active constituents

Extracts derived from:

  • Graph Mundi;
  • Majid;
  • Jethimadth;
  • Ashwagandha;
  • Kataiomayu;
  • Billa;
  • Aloe vera;
  • Haridra;
  • Kamal Kakadu ;
  • Safed Chandan;
  • Guladphool.

Herb functions:

Grafix cream uses the biological principle of hormonal balance to stimulate breast growth softly. It works by stimulating or decreasing levels of specific hormones within the body. By mimicking the body’s hormones, herbal breast enhancement provides your body the building blocks necessary for breast growth.


Desire to extend breast size.


  • during lactation;
  • during the menstrual period up to 1 week
  • during pregnancy;
  • under any quite breast treatment or Antenatal or breast surgery.
  • Direction for use:
  • wash breasts with warm soapy water;
  • wipe dry with a soft cloth;
  • gently massage on breasts, twice daily for 5-10 minutes each time;
  • wipe with a clean cloth after the massage.

Additional information


Herbal Cream

Dosage Form


Equivalent brand

Herbal Cream

Generic Name

Herbal Cream


Breast Development


Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


100 gm in 1 tube


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